Connectivity Issue affecting Milton Keynes Network

2019-07-11 00:25:59

Engineers are aware of a link dropping between our MKDC-0 site and LD5 (Slough) connectivity points for the MKDC-0/MKDC-1 network. As this is a resilient MPLS network, traffic is flowing around the other links thus customers will not currently be affected.  The cause is currently being investigated with our upstream supplier and further updates will follow.

Latest Update

2019-07-11 16:46:59 By Technical Support
Status: Resolved

After a period of monitoring, we are happy circuit is stable, and this has now been brought back in to full service.  We will continue to monitor the circuit as a matter of course, and have requested an RFO from the provider involved.

2019-07-11 08:07:49 By Technical Support
Status: Under Investigation

The link between our MKDC-0 site and LD5 (Slough) has now been restored, however traffic is currently depreferenced across this path while we continue to monitor the link.